Lights, Action, Camera! Patrizia Rondelli Fashion Designer of PRC ITALY, focuses on her “Chic. Sexy. Timeless Designs, for a Re-Created look, capturing the essence of the Fabulous Vogue Era of the late 1940’s & 1950’s by celebrating the female anatomy for a Drop Dead Look!

Practicality but Chic, her collections easily transforms from Day to Evening with High Quality Fabrics, Flawless Fit with Perfect Tailoring, that Italian design is known for, but they also have a boldness that gives them that Miami edge!

Quality rules in my world, says Patrizia. The Trends of the moment interest me but never determines my choices to fashion. I am very selective and deliberate in all my decisions. I thrive in adverse conditions, before a fashion show, I check my Re-checks! hence, we are a team of committed workers who work in an environment of Trust, Integrity and Respect, delivering consistent Quality to the Fashion World.

My philosophy in designing women’s apparel is simple, that is “I have always thought it is better to have one timeless piece you can wear, than a closet full of almost!”

So step into her world and “celebrate your femininity!” … Patrizia Rondelli, PRC ITALY, “is” the designer, for her Chic. Sexy. Timeless. Where Italy Meets Miami.