A trunk show is a special event within the fashion world in which an artist or designer puts on a special display of his or her work for review by a select group. The name comes from the fact that a designer or sales rep will literally show up with a trunk of merchandise to show off. These shows are common in boutiques and boutique divisions of department stores. The Chanel department at Saks Fifth Avenue, for example, may put on a trunk show for its best clients, showing off styles from an upcoming season before they are made available to the general public. It is quite common for attendees to have the opportunity to purchase or order items during the event.

These exclusive shows can be very beneficial to small boutiques that do not have the funds or space to buy an entire line of a designer’s work. If such a business was interested in highlighting a specific artist or designer, however, a trunk show could provide the opportunity to show an entire line to loyal customers. It also gives a boutique the opportunity to test a new line of merchandise with clients before placing a wholesale order with the designer or artist. If the show is a success and the customers love the products, then the boutique owner can confidently place an order. If it does not go well, however, the boutique owner knows that the items are not right for his or her customer base.


After 30+ years in Italy, Patrizia Rondelli, head designer of PRC Italy, lives, works and designs out of her South Florida studio. Rondelli’s designs are influenced by her international career. Inspired by the 1940s and 50s vogue era, they have the flawless fit, perfect tailoring and attention to fine detail that Italian design is known for. But they also have a boldness that gives them that Miami edge.


Want to introduce her line to your clientele — with no commitment up-front? She is available to offer her items for a “trunk show” at your boutique.

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The Art of Fashion

Art and fashion have a long relationship, one has always influenced the other. Our society cloaks itself under the veil of the fabric sewn by the hands of an artist. If art is a reflection of the human condition, fashion is the piece that defines it in the most physical sense. Modern fashion (and fashion since its inception) is a reflection of our society. New art influences fashion, and fashion influences art. We wear a work of art wherever we go: functional art is fashion.

Every designer gets the pleasure and the privilege of using their senses to create a piece of clothing. Fabricating a dress is as demanding, frustrating, and beautiful as painting a mural of roses. It takes time, dedication, and patience to have the angles perfect. Fashion designers use the human body as a canvas. It is as if we work to cloak a three-dimensional structure with the canvas from a painter’s studio. Our brush is the needle, and our paint is textile. Our canvas comes in silk, cotton, wool, fur, plastic, nylon, just to mention a few. We build our work around the intricacies of the human body.  

Art in all its mediums envisions an imaginary world (or hyper-realistic one). It transforms it into something society can accept and appreciate–or at the very least detest and fear! Many people ask why we use mannequins on our website. We admire the connection between the imagined and the real. We indulge in the creative process, and as much as fashion is a requirement for designers, art is the driving passion behind it. 

Designers embrace fiction because it is how we materialize the human condition into the third dimension from the unknown. This is a skill not always shared by designers, particularly the copycat-department. Fiction has become a reality through the cross-stitches of textile. The stories we tell have become the stories we wear. Our dresses flow like poetry. Our fabrics are an assemblage of theories from the selective eye of our designer. They are imagined and created in our studio and curated by the same designer. At PRC, we combine the timeless traditions of fashion, with a contemporary approach to a look that fits. The very core of our work is to create fashion that turns heads!




Fresh Picked Spring Colors 2018

Goodbye, winter.

Hello, spring!

The new blooming season is pushing out the cool 2018 winter, just in time. We are welcoming the warm warmer weather and refreshing treats. In Italia, we love gelato. We have curated an assortment of flavors that will truly inspire and define your look. 

Our appetite for sweet and savory is increasing, and so is our attraction to the colors that pop. These selections are ripe and fresh-picked by our fashion designer Patrizia. Whether you like the cooler tones or the neutrals, be sure to create a look that is fresh and sweet like Gelato. 

There isn’t much we can say to describe a color, so we’ll let them speak for themselves.

A natural spring attraction, and a delicious flavor in cooling gelato. This color inspires romance and gentleness through its eye-catching and sharpness.

We can’t always make it to the Assisi Lavender Festival in Umbria, Italia.  But we still wear our memento like Royalty.

A natural favorite, both refreshing and cooling: this flavor brings clarity.

This color has been making a long appearance on our front. We love it for its demanding attraction. This color arouses cheerfulness and joy. Be careful, too much yellow can be disturbing.

Traditionally, baby blue is creative and relaxing. That’s why its paired with this combination of assertive colors. We just love the serenity it brings.



We love how these colors work together. What do you think?


Authenticity Can’t Be Imitated  


The copycat mentality is disrupting the fashion industry with its attempts to keep up with the quality of a rapidly evolving system. Styles arrive and exit as quickly as a model makes her way down the runway.

That flower-print chiffon dress we absolutely had to have was briefly popular in the summer of 2017. The wavy, high-low cut was beloved by the masses and replicated from well-known fashionistas who exposed their creativity on the runway. A few months later, its cheaper and fleeting copies ended up untouched in the dark-recess of a closet, or worse, on the clearance rack.

That’s the thing about copies, they are quickly produced and pushed because the quality of the garment is significantly reduced in order to meet the speed of fashion trends. It’s a revolving cycle: luxury brands design and publish their fashions on the runway. Then the copycat designers push mass amounts of their product through department stores. As a result, luxury designers move quicker to produce the next trend in order to compensate for their financial loss to department-store brands. Once again, they will be out of style before faster than the flashes of paparazzi. Large department and retail stores do have one selling point that most luxury brand designers can’t compete with; their low prices. The cliché “quality over quantity” has never been so genuine.

5 of the major retail stores have ten variations of the same style–think of that flower-print chiffon dress–but they all have a common denominator. Since they are mass-produced, their quality is not as pristine and zealous as the unique pieces crafted by designers dedicated to their passions. Their price points vary, and shoppers often find themselves browsing through the strip mall with piles of flower-prints that offer the best price and fit.

The constant cycling of trends does, however, continuously open doors for new ideas and new creations. In a way, the fickle movement of style in department stores can be beneficial to luxury brands. In some cases, like the chiffon dress, pieces only span a small section on the fashion lifeline. They come and go like the weather, after all, fashion trends do come in seasons.

PRC Italy takes pride in designing and creating fashions that are timeless. The little black dress will always be a staple of contemporary and vintage wardrobe. While department stores scramble to restack their racks, and luxury-designers progress the fashion trends, PRC remains faithfully consistent. As the copies and luxuries circulate between the trends, we naturally gravitate toward our favorite classics. PRC’s unique collections are immune to the relentless flow of fashion traffic. It remains undisturbed by mass production because it is focused on the creation of small-stock quality, and timeless pieces. Don’t be fooled, the women of PRC Italy aren’t basic by any means.





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So, What’s Your “Vision Quest?”


This season, indulge in the “Lost Art Of Dressing Up!”…regardless of where the day might take you! Ask Coco Chanel…her adage was, Before You Leave the House Take At Least One Thing Off! Not the case this season, in terms of Jewelry, MORE is definitely “BETTER!”

Update the bygone era’s fashion for a ‘parue’ or matching set of jewels-earrings, necklace, bracelet, rings and a brooch-by wearing a mix of Gold, Silver and Colored Stones, bringing the sense of “Opulence” to a neutral black or white dress.

So I ask…When Does Your “Finishing Touch” become Your “Final Touch?”

In “Your Quest”…Lets play Dress Up!

So… are you having a Star Moment?
Is it Edgy & Bold?
Chic & Posh?
Shamelessly Sexy…or are YOU that “Timeless” Woman who is Seductively Sensuous, who lives to “celebrate her femininity” on a daily basis thru her wardrobe?

Oh! and always remember this:  As You Look in the mirror one last time, keys in hand…and as you “step Out,” ask yourself…“What is My Best Entrance-or Exit!”

With that said…If YOU are Ready to Re-Shape the Fashion Industry, I invite you to Discover what’s new at PRC ITALY, “Fashion At A Fraction”…That Turns Heads!

Street Report…Get Visual! Be SEEN on the Fashion SCENE!



Street Report! Get Visual!

Be “Seen” on the Fashion “Scene!”

Taken’it To The Streets…Welcome To My Concrete Runway!


Lights, Action Camera!

So when your out on the streets and want to be seen, name the first article of clothing or accessory?
Is it a Denim Jacket, so deconstructed that they are giving the ripped jeans your wearing…competition?
Or strutting out on “Ladies Nite Out” to your fav club wearing your six inch heels and your LBD aka (Little Black Dress)?

Okay, so What’s On Your Wish List This Month?
Don’t know?…maybe you need to “flaunt your sophistication” in something designer without the designer price?
Our collections are maybe what you’re looking for?…have a Look…you’re invited to browse and shop our site!

Do you Have a Mood Board? 

Don’t know what it is?  Don’t worry!…as a Fashion Designer, we eat, drink and sleep…Color!

Read On, I’ll tell you about it…

FYI: Did you know that the Color of the Moment this Fall is Aqua? Yes, Aqua, you know that summer color?
Hint…consider adding a splash of Aqua to your Wardrobe. When paired with Subdued Neutrals like Gray, Taupe & Chocolate, it provides a “pop” without clashing!…with Black-always a Stunner!

Okay, your saying …this is Not your “back in the day” boring color wheel story!…Right, Got It!

Welcome to Fall Colors!  Oh!, the story gets better…Do you know that When Your Passionate about something and want to give the world or Out On The Streets a little “Shout Out!”…wear RED!

Yes, RED! is the Color of Power!

So…Steal The Scene this Fall and Discover What’s New at PRC ITALY!

Happy Shopping!

Inspiration Board!


Inspiration Board:  What Moves YOU and In What Direction?

Are you the kind of woman that has a “Vision” for Inventing, changing the Status Quo by doing things Your Own Way?

Likes to Stand Out In a Crowd and Apart from one?

Does Your “Personality” take charge of your wardrobe with a “genuine touch?”

Then YOU are TODAY’S Woman…Dare To Be and Do!

Okay…it’s Game Changing Time!…Are YOU a Game Changer?  Then ask yourself the question:

How Do You Stand Out In a Crowd?

  • Wear anything, but make sure it’s beautiful!
  • Wear what “You” Want to wear!
  • Never be afraid to be different!
  • Be Yourself, Genuine!
  • Surprise, Be truly Unexpected!
  • Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously!
  • Have fun with it and Love what You Wear!
Remembering back in the day, wearing your mom’s heels, big hats with a feather, jewelry- gaudy costume…okay, just pile it on!
The Point I am trying to convey:  Let’s Play Dress Up shall we?….Nothing is in “bad taste!”

For Starter’s, when a woman is wearing a PRC ITALY, she doesn’t “Look” like anyone else in the room! In a sea of LBD’s (Little Black Dresses), she is “Unique!”…maybe a Sexy Red Dress, slit up to there, a flurry of Lace, off the shoulder or daring A-symmetrical , or simply it’s how she holds herself with an “I don’t care attitude”…Okay, She already knows that She looks Fabulous, the Red Carpet or the Runway?  Why NOT Both!

So I Hear You…working in Corporate?  I ask…What do you wear to show your “In It” to “Win It?”

So I Hear You…Street smart and Savvy? I say…Get Visual, Be seen On the Fashion Scene…Takin’it To The Streets!

So, to recap:  “When You Want To Stand Out In A Crowd” Be Yourself!  Be Genuine!





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