Street Report…Get Visual! Be SEEN on the Fashion SCENE!



Street Report! Get Visual!

Be “Seen” on the Fashion “Scene!”

Taken’it To The Streets…Welcome To My Concrete Runway!


Lights, Action Camera!

So when your out on the streets and want to be seen, name the first article of clothing or accessory?
Is it a Denim Jacket, so deconstructed that they are giving the ripped jeans your wearing…competition?
Or strutting out on “Ladies Nite Out” to your fav club wearing your six inch heels and your LBD aka (Little Black Dress)?

Okay, so What’s On Your Wish List This Month?
Don’t know?…maybe you need to “flaunt your sophistication” in something designer without the designer price?
Our collections are maybe what you’re looking for?…have a Look…you’re invited to browse and shop our site!

Do you Have a Mood Board? 

Don’t know what it is?  Don’t worry!…as a Fashion Designer, we eat, drink and sleep…Color!

Read On, I’ll tell you about it…

FYI: Did you know that the Color of the Moment this Fall is Aqua? Yes, Aqua, you know that summer color?
Hint…consider adding a splash of Aqua to your Wardrobe. When paired with Subdued Neutrals like Gray, Taupe & Chocolate, it provides a “pop” without clashing!…with Black-always a Stunner!

Okay, your saying …this is Not your “back in the day” boring color wheel story!…Right, Got It!

Welcome to Fall Colors!  Oh!, the story gets better…Do you know that When Your Passionate about something and want to give the world or Out On The Streets a little “Shout Out!”…wear RED!

Yes, RED! is the Color of Power!

So…Steal The Scene this Fall and Discover What’s New at PRC ITALY!

Happy Shopping!

Inspiration Board!


Inspiration Board:  What Moves YOU and In What Direction?

Are you the kind of woman that has a “Vision” for Inventing, changing the Status Quo by doing things Your Own Way?

Likes to Stand Out In a Crowd and Apart from one?

Does Your “Personality” take charge of your wardrobe with a “genuine touch?”

Then YOU are TODAY’S Woman…Dare To Be and Do!

Okay…it’s Game Changing Time!…Are YOU a Game Changer?  Then ask yourself the question:

How Do You Stand Out In a Crowd?

  • Wear anything, but make sure it’s beautiful!
  • Wear what “You” Want to wear!
  • Never be afraid to be different!
  • Be Yourself, Genuine!
  • Surprise, Be truly Unexpected!
  • Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously!
  • Have fun with it and Love what You Wear!
Remembering back in the day, wearing your mom’s heels, big hats with a feather, jewelry- gaudy costume…okay, just pile it on!
The Point I am trying to convey:  Let’s Play Dress Up shall we?….Nothing is in “bad taste!”

For Starter’s, when a woman is wearing a PRC ITALY, she doesn’t “Look” like anyone else in the room! In a sea of LBD’s (Little Black Dresses), she is “Unique!”…maybe a Sexy Red Dress, slit up to there, a flurry of Lace, off the shoulder or daring A-symmetrical , or simply it’s how she holds herself with an “I don’t care attitude”…Okay, She already knows that She looks Fabulous, the Red Carpet or the Runway?  Why NOT Both!

So I Hear You…working in Corporate?  I ask…What do you wear to show your “In It” to “Win It?”

So I Hear You…Street smart and Savvy? I say…Get Visual, Be seen On the Fashion Scene…Takin’it To The Streets!

So, to recap:  “When You Want To Stand Out In A Crowd” Be Yourself!  Be Genuine!





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