Red, A-Symmetrical, Skaters Dress with High Collar (2-Round Button Closure) and Side Zip

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Amanda originates in Latin language and means “one who deserves to be loved”. It is a feminine form of Amandus.

In the United States it was the most popular in the middle of the 20th century. Colley Cibber used the name Amanda in his play Love’s Last Shift.

Who IS AMANDA? Carefree and Loves Life! When you step out in this little number, don’t forget the accessories…it’s all about accessorizing! Red Pumps, Glam Jewelry-keep it chunky, and Oh! don’t forget your wearing a skaters dress…don’t forget to’ll want to make an entrance!

So, if you want to “celebrate your femininity” think  AMANDA! but beware, Heads will definitely Turn!

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