At PRC Italy, our direction is simple. CHIC. SEXY. TIMELESS! … with a Flawless Fit!

The Look is All About The Fit! When the Look Defines the Fit, you Capture Definitive Moments!

So, in “Talking Fashion” … “What’s On Your Wish List This Month?” – Are you “Trendy” – wear what’s “out there” because it just “is?” or Are You Timeless?

Okay, I hear you! Where is this Blog going?

What do all the Best Blogs say?

At PRC ITALY, our blog will be … okay, let’s talk about Fashion, be specific, Designing … now let’s be passionate about it!

WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW and okay WHY?… because “we” can!

Our Blog aim’s to write about Fashion stories and desperately love your opinions… WHO are you? WHAT do you like to Wear? WHERE do you like to go when you wear? HOW often do you like to wear it? and WHY, Do you like it, or that, or these… are you a shopper? a collector of fashion pieces, or are you a specific “kind of person” who is a Hunter? Okay, We are all felines…have to have it Now! Are you that “Need it Now kind a girl?

So, Here’s the place to “Flaunt Your Sophistication!” … so Tell Me?

But we’ll go first, cause it’s our Blog. Lol!!!


Fall 17′ Fashion Forecast will be “taking it to the streets”… Speaking of DENIM, of course! From Industrial Strength Denim, to Deconstructed Street wear!

High wasted inspired men’s wear in LEATHER or is a Herringbone plaid more your thing? … Say Not! … Okay, into METALLICS? … Bring On The Bling! … Say Not!…

Or do you just want to “Celebrate your Femininity” in a TIMELESS Dress? … I ask you … What do you wear when you “After Dark Dress?”

Welcome, to My World!

From the Designer’s Desk… Imagine it, Envision it, Create it, Design it, here at PRC ITALY, the Age of Elegance is Timeless!